This page sets forth the general program guidelines, rules, and player participant acknowledgements (aka “Program Rules”) related to national tournaments and events made available by X-Golf America to customers who frequent X-Golf franchise locations across North America.  Active national tournament activities by which these Program Rules apply, may be found on By registering or participating in X-Golf America national tournaments and events, you acknowledge, accept, and are bounded by these Program Rules. Unless otherwise explicitly stated for a specific tournament or event, these Program Rules apply to all Tournament or Events. Any questions regarding Program Rules should be directed to X-Golf Staff or to


X-Cup Overall Tournament Series Rules

Who Can Play

  • Open to all consumer customers of X-Golf venues and to golfers of all levels age 21 years and older. X-Golf Employees, Contractors, and Staff are excluded, and are not permitted to participate
  • When competing, Participating Players must have the X-Golf Mobile App and must be an active “Club Member” subscriber – Download the X-Golf Mobile App from either the Apple iOS Store or Google Play Store and establish your account prior to competitive play

For Team Based Tournaments or Events

  • Teams must register and schedule playing time with their home store General Manager, X-Golf Professional or X-League Coordinator, and may register to play any time before or during the Competition Round
  • Teams must submit their (1) Team Name (2) Player Names (3) The email address associated with each player’s X-Golf Mobile App Profile, and (4) each player’s Handicap for NET scoring tournaments or events
  • Teams must have a minimum of 2 players. Players may play on multiple combinations of teams and enter multiple times during the Competition Round. However, teams qualifying to advance to the Finals Round must be comprised of the same team members that had competed and advanced from the Competition Round – substitutions are not allowed

For Individual Tournaments or Events

  • Player Participants must register and schedule playing times with their home store General Manager, X-Golf Professional or X-League Coordinator in person or where available, online via or directly using their reserved simulator during time of competitive play
  • A Player may enter multiple times during the Competition Round.  Individuals advancing to the Finals Round must player play for him/herself

For Alternate Shot Events

  • For Alternated Shot Play, Player’s Must Follow the Computer-Generated Order of Play

For Scramble Events

  • For Scramble Play, players may hit in any order regardless of which team member is loaded on the system to play next. Each player may only hit a designated shot once

For NET Scoring (Handicapped) Tournaments or Events

  • Either a GHIN Handicap (60% of the player’s GHIN will be used), their X-League Handicap, XGA Mobile App Handicap, or best possible indication of their handicap after consulting with their local X-Staff will be acceptable
  • Participating Players, for whatever reason, who do not have a registered handicap before competitive play will be allowed to play with an assigned Handicap of “0″
  • The Maximum handicap for each any Participating Player during handicap play is “36”

How Handicaps will be Applied to Scoring in Competition Rounds

  • For the 1st 18-Holes within a Competition Round – Individual Tournaments and Events:
    The first 18-holes of a Competition Round of play will be scored using the participants submitted handicap, rounded to the nearest digit
  • For the 1st 18-Holes within a Competition Round – Team Tournaments and Events:
    The first 18-holes of a Competition Round of play will be scored using the average of the submitted handicaps of team participants, rounded to the nearest digit
  • For the 2nd and Subsequent Additional 18-Holes within a Competition Round:
    – For the 2nd 18-holes of a Competition Rounds, a 30% weighting of the original handicap and 70% weighting of the first 18-hole NET score will be used to determine the handicap for the second 18-hole, rounded to the nearest digit; A 20%/80% weight will be applied to teams whose NET scores are equal to or better than –8
    – For the 3rd 18-holes of a Competition Rounds (if applicable), an average of the last two completed 18-hole round NET scores will be used to determine the handicap for the next 18-hole, rounded to the nearest digit; A 20%/80% weight will be applied to teams whose NET scores are equal to or better than –8. This methodology will be applied for any additional 18-holes of play in the Competition Round

How Handicaps will be Applied When Making the Cut to The Finals Round

  • The average of all completed 18-hole round NET scores will be used to determine the handicap for the Finals Round, rounded to the nearest digit

General Systems Setting & Defaults

  • All simulator setting and tournament conditions (i.e., game dynamics and calibration settings) will be set by X-Golf Staff.  Any tampering of these settings by Participant Players in any way is grounds for disqualification
  • The Fringe Setting is set to PUTTER. This means when the ball is on the fringe, the system will measure your shot as a putt unless you change the club selection on the simulator. If you do not know how to change the club selection, consult X-Golf Staff

Before Competitive Play Begins

  • It is the responsibility of Player Participants to have read through the specific Tournament Details in addition to the underlying Program Rules in their entirety before participation. Tournament Details combined with Program Rules constitutes the “Official Rules” of a tournament or event. Player Participants should consult with X-Golf Staff for clarification or for any questions prior to participation

During Competitive Rounds

  • All players must use his/her X-Golf Mobile App and Scan-In for any competitive round for results to be valid
  • Only the player registered to the Mobile App used to Scan-In may play on his/her own behalf – Player substitutions are never allowed
  • During scan-in, all players must confirm their tee-off location and adjust accordingly before the start of completitive play. Players many not change their tee locations in mid-round
  • Rounds must be completed within their respective round period, booked reservation timeslot, and may not be paused nor completed in a separate setting
  • Players may not hit off of the Tee other than for Tee Shots
  • Max Stroke on any hole is DOUBLE PAR
  • Gimmies are set at 4 Feet
  • Putting Preview may not be used at any time. A 2-stroke penalty will be assessed for each infraction. However, use of the L & R Arrows is allowed for use when putting
  • The Unplayable Lie feature may be used at any time where applicable; the system will apply any penalty accordingly
  • If a shot or a stroke is not registered by the simulator for ANY REASON, the shot does not count and may be repeated without penalty
  • Mulligans are not allowed
  • However, Mulligans may potentially be allowed only under extraordinary circumstances (see System Errors) and only following consultation with X-Golf Staff. The use of a Mulligan during a round without consultation with X-Golf Staff is grounds for immediate disqualification
  • System Errors: In the rare occasion when if the simulator a) registers a shot without the ball be struck due to ambient movement around the sensors, b) a “moon shot”, c) a shot is registered with a ball speed at the system’s maximum limit of 200mph, d), the system crashes or there is a power outage, consult X-Golf staff immediately
  • Only X-Golf America provided golf balls are allowed. No other golf ball types or brands are allowed
  • At the end of your round, please contact X-Golf Staff to officially record your round – a photograph of your final scorecard MUST be captured by local staff to be valid

Scan-In Procedures for Team Based Tournaments & Events

  • The Team Captain must Scan-In FIRST and must follow any tournament or event procedures to correctly begin the onboarding process for the team on the system. Consult X-Golf Staff for specific procedures
  • Once the Team Captain has successfully registered him/herself, the remaining players on the team must Scan-In to complete the onboarding process as specified for the tournament or event

Tournament and Event Results

  • Official tournament and event results will be tallied by X-Golf America Staff
  • There will be a live leaderboard updating overall tournament or event results in near real-time via the X-Golf Mobile App or at playxgolf. com
  • X-Golf America reserves the right to review and to make any decisions as it relates to the application of tournament rules and/or final tournament or event results – All X-Golf America decisions are final

X-Cup Points Where Applicable

  • The X-Cup Points program is wholly and is the intellectual property of X-Golf America and is aimed to reward customers who participate in tournaments and events
  • X-Cup Points have no monetary value
  • X-Golf America reserves the right to modify any element of the X-Cup Points program for any reason at any time. This includes the right to cancellation of the overall program with no compensation whatsoever for program participants

Awarding of Prizes and X-Cup Points

  • Player Participants acknowledge that the awarding of prizes associated with tournaments or events is entirely and solely at the discretion of X-Golf America
  • A Player Participant, and his/her entire team where applicable, can not win a tournanment or events, nor will they be awarded X-Cup Points, unless they meet the Who Can Play and all other critiera and conditions outlined in these Program Rules
  • X-Golf America reserves the right to offer the winners of tournaments or events an alternative prize other than the published prize, up to $2000 in equivalent value.  Winners of tournaments or events may decide to accept or reject the alternative prize and must do so within 10 days of when the alternative prize is offered.  Any alternative prize offered by X-Golf America constitutes a final awarding offer to the winning Player Participant
  • All decisions made by X-Golf America regarding winners of tournaments and events, and the awarding of prizes or X-Cup Points are final

Final Disclaimer

National tournaments and events offered by X-Golf America, including any variation and their execution, is the intellectual property of X-Golf America. X-Golf America reserves the right at its sole discretion to modify, change or cancel any aspect of the program in any way and at any time without notice. By participating in X-Golf America offered tournaments and events, you accept these terms and conditions as outened in these Program Rules and agreed to hold X-Golf America free from any liability, legal jeopardy, or any other harm.