From Novice to Pro, All Skill Levels Can

Improve Rapidly with X-Golf Lessons

The combination of instruction from PGA-professional instructors, X-Golf’s data analytics and V1’s video analysis technology accelerates your learning curve. Youโ€™ll see measurable results as you make progress fast.

    Our instructors are certified PGA instructors, equipped with a vast depth of knowledge. Whatever your current skill level, lessons are tailored to your unique abilities and goals.
    Rain or shine, winter or summer, itโ€™s always clear skies at X-Golf. X-Golfโ€™s simulators give you access to diverse, global courses to train on with your instructor anytime.
    X-Golf’s cutting-edge data analytics provide in-depth insights into your golf performance, capturing every swing and shot with precision.

Elevate Your Analysis With V1 Sports

Our golf instructors are equipped with V1 Sports Golf Pro. Among other advantages, V1 uses integrated ground pressure data for a visual interaction with the ground so you can check out your footwork. You can also compare and overlay to a previous swing or a pro model swing.

  • UNCOVER HIDDEN POTENTIAL: The fusion of X-Golf’s data and V1’s video analysis reveals patterns, trends, and subtle nuances in your game. Armed with a wealth of data and meticulous swing analysis, our PGA professionals help you make the necessary adjustments to maximize your performance.
  • ENHANCED UNDERSTANDING: Visualizing your swing through V1’s video analysis, complemented by X-Golf’s stats, provides a holistic view of your performance, deepening your understanding of your strengths and areas that need work.

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